‘I Wear My Sunglasses Inside’

(Speaking of… don’t you just hate those celebrities that are too cool to look you in the eyes. So they stare into your soul through black lenses? And in interviews you can never get a clear read on them? Crud.)

So, my head seems to be filled with MANY different thoughts, I have a tendency to live in my mind (introspection) or just in my fantasies… Or make random observations… Usually because I’m ignored… And I have decided, being the incessant and needy blogger that I am, to share them (;

1. Since when should it be allowable for shoes to ever be an accessory on a hat?
2. “That dude has more X’s than Tic Tac Toe. I’m not kissing him!”
3. Why are uni-brows only socially acceptable in European countries? I wouldnt mind having one….
4. Man, the Brawny guy is a HUNK (; And he “holds onto my toughest messes” (;
5. Spandex
6. Cat mugs (whats with all of the cat hype? Their all over commercials and EVERYTHING)
7. “I dont want rhinestones on my apron, but thank you”
8. Mom: “I wouldnt want to go to Narnia unless i was on Spring Break or a Summer Vacation.” … I kind of miss seeing her (:
9. Grass Hair < Bun Love
10. Books should write themselves
11. I think a Mexican perfume would smell like a combination of jalepenos and Corona light
12.I wish i had a rainbow colored pupil. I think unicorns have those. And gay babies?
13. Can a short person “talk down” a taller one? I mean im only working with so much here. But in my heart im a 6’1 German man. grr.
14. Dude: I just got out of a pregnancy scare! Epic black guy: Thats All States stand. Are YOU in good hands?
15. How do people in prison celebrate Halloween? I’m sure if you took those kids from Scared Straight in there and there were inmates dressed like GaGa singing Alejandro, they’d NEVER be in trouble!
16. Me: Dude, i can alley-oop with one hand and JAM it in yo face! (while playing Call of Duty) Little brother: When are you going back to Florence?
17. I want an paisley flying carpet.
18. 3 Seconds
19. I bet all of the elevators in Vegas smells like a mix of ass, mint, and Goldbond Medicated Powder
20. Cheese is gross. Not just the smell and the taste but just .. i mean im not racist against cheese or anything.. its just hideous! Have you ever seen cheese and thought:

“Now thats a really attractive slice of sharp cheddar”

21. On Eminem:
Me: What do you expect? A white kid in Detroit named Marshall. ‘Ay yo Im Marshall, and im a rapper”

…. see my point.

Anyways. Life is all about making the best out of the worst. Sticking your hand in the beehive just to watch it swell. Procreating with Voldemort just so your child can speak Parseltongue …. so never take ANYTHING for granted. And above all…


Megs (:


9 thoughts on “‘I Wear My Sunglasses Inside’

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  1. Umm.. About the cheese thing yes I have had that attractive slice thought it was followed by the words it was like an orgasm in my mouth ; )

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