No thank you,… I’m not about that life

Hiya! Hola! Howdy! How do you do? Highball! Hello! How’s It going? …. Are there any other salutations that start with an ‘H’?

So, before I post this playlist. I feel the need to share with you dearest about the image that is now perm. singed into my left brain. (Its the more critical thinker)

Starbucks. (Please dont sue me for saying your name… no copyright infringement was intended here) I love the espresso you have. Its so warm, even in the summer. You make me feel like Christmas sweaters and hideous Santa outfits for Weiner dogs. And you also make me afraid to use your restroom to wash my hands. I hate germs… I’m one of those. While washing my hands and being extremely excited with life because I actually knew the song that was playing on your station a woman with a beard the length of Gandolf the Grey’s (so i exaggerated a bit) decides she wants to wash the crumbs of whatever it was she had eaten out of it… Never in all of my life would I ever have to think up a reaction to a woman washing baked goods from her man beard… It made me want to marry a VERY heterosexual man at that point. …. ….

Im done.

PLAYLIST TIME SON! (some of these may be repetitive. Its only because i cant get enough of them)

1. Niki & the Dove – DJ Ease My Mind

2. Matt and Kim – Block After Block

3. The Civil Wars – I’ve Got This Friend, C’est La Mort, To Whom It May Concern

4. Collective Soul – Run

5. The Swell Season – The Moon

6. Bastien Laval feat. Layla – Restlessness

7. Get Far feat H- Boogie – The Radio

8. Pearl Jam – Reign Over Me/ Just Breathe

9. Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs – Alone In This Together

10. Duck Sauce. Big Bad Wolf (Dada Remix)

11. Staind – Its Been A While

12. Kids of 88. – Home

13. Samuel Barber – Adagio For Strings

14. City and Colour – Fragile Bird

15. Bassnectar – The Matrix

16. Deadmau5 feat Kaskade – Move For Me, I Remember

17. KoRn feat Skrillex – Get Up! (best pairing EVER)

18. Fiona Apple – Sleep to Dream, Love Ridden, I Know, Never Is A Promise

19. Led Zeppelin – Nobody’s Fault But Mine

20. Fever Ray – When I Grow Up, Dry and Dusty, Seven

21. Miike Snow – The Rabbit, Song For No One, Silvia

23. Sleigh Bells – Crown On The Ground, Infinity Guitars

24. 30 Seconds to Mars – Search And Destroy, L490

25. Better Than Ezra – Juicy

26. Laura Marling – My Manic and I


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