Do people still sing ‘Happy Birthday’?

This years love. David Gray

If you ever want to know anything about me, pay close attention to the music

…. And in specific this particular song ….

I love the slow, sweet passion in this song. I usually like the intensity when it looks you in the eyes and screams at your face. But the softness to his voice just lulls me….

Its that perfect song when you take your lovers hand and you dance in circles, staring into the others eyes, smiling because the moment is so close to amazing. The moment when you think back on twenty years of how in love you were in that exact time and you thank God for ever being able to have it. When you remember everything it was that you fell in love with, and then fall in love all over again …. Love is such a beautiful thing… when done right, I s’pose

Although I have a terrible tendency to sort of transpose into the person I’m dating, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the attributes taken on?  (:

Happy Holidays. Always remember you are SO MUCH more fortunate that what you can wrap your mind around. You ALWAYS have something to be thankful for. Take it easy, everyone. And always love. As hard, as passionate and as frightening as you can. Love like you may never love again……..


i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

ee cummings

Love ALL,



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