Thirsty Thursday: Strawberry-Vanilla Smoothies

chasin' chuleta

Lately, I’ve kicked into high gear my New Years Resolution to lose weight by my 23rd birthday (which happens to be Dec 22 in case you were wondering *wink*)

It’s been hard for me to kick my habit of having to cook something new everyday (well i guess the lack of money in my wallet has something to do with that also). I digress, I’ve been trying my best && so far I could say it might be working. I’ve started making smoothies in the morning before I head out to school, but I was starting to get tired of the regular strawberry/banana with lactaid milkshakes.

I started scrambling around [tasty kitchen] to find a recipe that I liked for a smoothie and I found this shnazzy recipe by forum member: Faith for a Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie && it goes something like this:



  •  4 ounces, weight Strawberry Yogurt

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