God Is Not American


God Is Not American by vagabond ©

god is not american
this is not a test of the emergency broadcast system
this is a real emergency
we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news
as a public service announcement for american voters
god is not american
god’s done blessing america she’s gone on to blessing
afghanistan, iraq, iran, haiti, sudan, somalia, syria, north korea, chiapas, bolivia, brazil, pakistan, palestine, puerto rico

she’s gone on to bless those places that need blessing most
your plea and your prayer for god to bless america yet again will fall on deaf ears
god will not bless you until you learn
that the blessings bestowed upon you already
were not yours to keep but yours to pass on

once you learn to share those blessings
the request line for more blessings will be reopened
until then understand that god is not a democrat or a republican
god is not american say it with me god is not american

god won’t be contained within your borders

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