So … your still talking about that?

So, this post is dedicated to my wonderful little brother


Being  an hypertension anemic means having the WORST immune system, EVER!

please people, STOP scaring me!

Which means even touching someones hand will make me sick ….

But when you have an amazing little brother who makes everything better, life just seems so much more bright. (that wasn’t sarcastic at all….)

Something like this:

Brother: “I really think that I’m balding”

Me: “But you realize that your ten….? And your girlfriend called my phone like a million times this weekend. What was that about?”

Brother: “Meghan … you misunderstand my actions… It was just a miscommunication.”

Me: …..”So your ten and you cheated?”

Brother: “So your twenty and angry because your a single bitch?”

Me: “Touche you little prick”

Brother: “I love you too. Also, I bought you new dance shoes. I miss those lifts … you know the ones that broke your collar bone.”

Me: ……”If I could murder you and get away with it…”

Brother: “But I really did get you new ballet shoes. Just the pain you will go through breaking them in makes me happy enough… ‘Dont you cry no more’ (Inside joke)”

Me: “EEEEPPPPPPPP! I will dance in small 5’2 circles all around the house just for you”

Brother: “Your doing the most …  With this economy, you have to pay me back”

Me: “I get that your ten and all and have yet to grasp the concept of a gift, so ill just ignore that little comment”

Brother: “I have to go… ive got my woman on the other line, shhh. You are a magical kingdom. And one day a man will hang up with his sister to talk to you”

Ends line …

Me: “I just got trolled by someone ten years younger than me…. Did he just call her a woman… shes not even hit puberty yet”

Gosh I love him to death. So thank you to my brother, for always being the best of the best and making me laugh with your nonsense. I can’t wait to see the mess your going to leave behind when you get my age!

I love you always!



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