HERMITS…. & David Bowie

Action is greater than writing. A good man is a nobler object of contemplation than a great author. There are but two things worth living for: to do what is worthy of being written; and to write what is worthy of being read.
Ross Perot

I’m more than absolutely sure If I were an animal or if Spirit Animals were more than just a funny joke… mine would be something along the lines of a shelled animal. So screw the hell out of you horoscope! Or if I could ever be glittering and gay.. HULLO David Bowie ……

I think I enjoy my own company too much, I like to keep my silences and my solitudes. I like the quiet space in my brain. Although usually my introspection leads to really pathetic and sore resolves, which makes me draw into myself more… In a strange masochistic way… I prefer it to being … open…. 


But again, that could be the reason of many different things… which I will not divulge.. I like to keep a few things out of blogging….

And yet, I question… If I blog, how truly private am I? I think privacy is just a make believe word people throw out when they don’t want to be bothered, when you don’t want to deal with people.

When instead of being a butt and saying, “Person… your mouth is doing this really annoying thing called moving. I’d like it to stop”

you say:

“Excuse me pal, I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I just really want some privacy. Its been a long day”

…. Yup. Just like that… give or take a few verbs, nouns and adjectives.

I think sarcasm is like the minds natural defense against stupidity… or mine at least.


“I -I will be King. And you-you will be Queen…. And nothing will tear us away, we could be us just for one day…”

Well… I have composed a list. Sort of a bucket list if you will. A friend of mine recently wrote on my Facebook timeline (how 2012 that sounded) about the trip her and her lover took to Egypt…. That country is starting to take on more of a meaning now than just a country. I need to stop associating things with people… And It got me wondering about all of the things, the experiences I want to do in my life. To actually say that I lived not just existed. 

So, here it goes… Of course there are more things: but these are just the first few.

I shall call it: The Things I Want To Do Before I’m 6 Feet In Dirt

1. Run naked underneath the Northern Lights

2. Make love in the rain (And i’m talking torrential downpour)


4. Fall In love, with just ONE person. And stay with that ONE person (… if that person loves me back, i’m a lot to take… maybe I should re-think this one?)

5. Dress like a gypsy and dance around a fire in the middle of nowhere in Egypt (Just for you Anna/Elena)

6. Go to a Tupac concert (… that was a mean joke.)

7. Spray paint the side of a REALLY important building

8. Sail/swim every major ocean

9. Pick flowers in Venice for my mother

10. Have a dinner with friends in the middle of the Mojave desert

11. Ride an elephant through the rainforest in Tibet

12. Go to the Sistine Chapel sit in a corner and just revel. Rationalize life

13. Eat with a tribe in Africa … learn the true meaning of being a minimalist. Of being apart of a unified something

14. Karaoke in a bar in the middle of nowhere during a roadtrip

15. Write an amazing book. One that makes people question and re-evaluate and hope.

16. Go to an Antony & The Johnson’s concert

17. Go to a Vampire Bar in New Orleans

18. Take part in Holi in India (If you don’t know what that is… really look it up, its amazing!)

19. Attend an Opera (preferably Beethoven or Samuel Barber)

20. Go an entire day in prosthetic’s as an elderly Korean man

….There’s the first twenty… I’ll cross them off the more I actually do… We’ll see how THAT goes.. I don’t really think being a hermit helps any of that much, right? Haa, …. but seriously Kit Kat’s ….(;


2 thoughts on “HERMITS…. & David Bowie

Add yours

  1. I love this, it is all very you dear. Especially the introspection part. I cannot say the number time you would stare off into thought. So much wisdom in such young eyes. You are a rare one indeed. And you will find love. This needs to look at number three! Let yourself be honest. Tell the men you like. Love you sweet girl

    1. Thank you (:
      You spoil me too much! Stop it haha… Love, so much energy goes into such a small word! I will, I will grow big big balls and speak my heart not my mind…. starting …. you know… haha, not so soon (;

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