All You Need Is Love

What’s with the cannibals? I mean really? Somebody please fill me in what is so appealing about biting chunks from bodies? According to this news report on Anderson its being linked to ‘Bath Salts’?

Am I the only person who’s shaking her head right now?

…. I think tomorrow I may have a random taste for jugular… and the day after that.. hamstring… ?


Anyways! Today is a happy day (:

I love it when the people in my life say ‘Meghan, I love you’ … and in partial because they spell my name right.

I love it when Bill Clinton makes more apologies.. haha. I still wonder where Monica is…

I think im going to start a biography… but only allow publishing after ive done a really crazy crime and disappear

Leather ANYTHING … mostly shorts, makes me cheese like a kid!

I love family, or the idea of it… not the fifty’s idea…. if you tell me to iron or make you a sandwich ill Spartan kick you in the trachea … and then ask you american or provalone ….

I think i want to get into politics … but i think I’m far too passionate, once someone pisses me off I’d be all kinds of cruciartus curse …

What the hell is in Wisconsin besides cows? …. and windmills… and Amish?

So, I have done ENOUGH complaining and self-deprication … time to talk about what makes me happy


2. Horses … any kind of an open un-touched pasture … love it

3. Sea voyages

4. La Musica

5. Bath Salts … heehe

6. Letters … I just miss something handwritten and mail delivered

7. Turn of the century compasses

8. The colors grey, royal blue and maroon

9. Mayan stone temples

10. Gollum

11. Brittney and our delirium, oh my gosh were such vagina’s, pie party talks (: nice to know I’m actually appreciated

12. My dog! …. no one else sits through an entire 6 hour cuddle/ Sy Fy fest without griping

13. Seduction … if you can make me beg for you, want you incessantly… IM YOURS!

14. Crayola

15. Silly Straws and neon duck tape!!!

16. The Vatican (can i get a whatwhat fo muh cath-o-lics

17. Poetry

18. ^

19. Love

20. Astrology

21. The people in my life (YOU make me beautiful)

22. Eroticism

23. Tax evasion

24. Black and white photos

25. Violin/Cello concerto’s … their so heavy… like thick. It’s like they know my soul

26. Bread

27. The Middle East/Africa … home (:

28. Kit Kat Bars

29. Coffe

30. YOU … the person reading this… I adore everything about you, and that will never change. You, just by a stare or a conversation, in some way, you’ve done something that’s made a change in me somewhere… i will always be thankful of that. Always.

…. Heehe (:

Let’s see. … I love embarassing moments, i have a lot of those. And ive gotten so accustomed to like only identifying with myself because my awkward is like a hinderance in some ways, so i take on this like movie scene type way of looking at it.

For example:

Random guy: “Hey little bit, whats your name?”

Me: “Its Meghan”

Guy: “You talk really funny (laughs with friend) you must not be from here?”

Me: ….. thinks to self, “It must suck being illeterate .. what came out, “No… im not. Have a nice day”

Guy mocking me as I leave store to his friends…

And yet it was the most entertaining thing… I need a new hobby… writing is still too unsocial… Maybe I can grow Cranberries… or do something that involves a lot of people…

Anyways, good day to you good sirs



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