Fly Me To The Moon

Motives. It seems as if everyone has these. Hidden agendas concealed behind red lipstick.

They say that behind ever good girl there’s a bad one waiting to explode…… I think I have a beast.

Does anyone else have to like … talk themselves out of doing things they know they shouldn’t? Because I seriously just had a monologue -television show happening in my head…. It’s like the Titanic. ….. FUCK!

I’m not supposed to be blogging am I? …. crud

Point being… I hate it when someone comes to talk to me and I can tell from the beginning their ‘takers’. And it sucks when your like naturally a ‘giver’ …. I just made myself sound like a prostitute. Wrong direction.

New point.

Why do we hide behind words that aren’t what we mean or what we want to say?

People misunderstand what I do so much. But instead of asking why resort to manipulation? Why fight for attention in the wrong way? I mean, technology has really made us disconnected.

Since when did ‘love’ become a ‘game’? It makes me discouraged in the whole institution of love… or maybe I just have permanent rose colored glasses

Why does every girl want a fairy tale with a man who says sweet words like, ‘Your prettiest when your in sweatpants’ ? yeahright

And every man wants a woman who fucks in heels? And is okay with having an open relationship?

Is it because society subliminally tells us to? I mean what is it we really want? Or are we already spoken for? They say once you fall in love with someone you can never shake them… Is that true? Is that bullshit people feed themselves to hold onto a lost hope? ….

What is it that draws us to another person? Is it that ‘your lions are fruitful’ shit scientist push at us? Hormones? Or something more… certain, like concrete? Is anything really concrete?

Why can’t I stop thinkkkiinnnnnng. Shitx2

I found my necklace today!

I thought I had lost it whilst packing to move… and I literally had this Scott Pilgrim I just gained 200+ points moment… except I changed the name.. obviously.

This bad boy. Here’s a bit of the backstory so you can see why this has me pondering life and existence and all of that hipster hoopla.

So! The summer of 2011 I was visiting my grandmother who just so happens to live in Louisiana. St. Tammany Parish to be exact. I absolutely adore New Orleans. I blame Ann Rice and ‘Interview With A Vampire’ but something about the French Quarter around dusk…. its got this eerie feeling that makes my adrenaline surge

So! The ladies in the family all having a slight shopping problem.. were women, sue us

We headed to The Slidell Heritage Festival ..

For more info head here

So, we all split.. more of I wondered off. There was so many colors it was this amazing feeling of like light and I couldn’t stop smiling and twirling in my dress. I was strolling down the pathway between the booths set up and there was this one.

This woman with bright teal hair and this really cool mesh skirt with star patterns and she just kept smiling and she seemed really warm. And so I went to her booth. She was selling jewelry and handmade shoulder bags. I was browsing and she came up to me and was telling me the special on her inventory and then we struck up a conversation and she asked me where I was from because she couldn’t place my accent. I told her I moved around alot. And then I mirrored the question and she said she was a gypsy…. You can imagine my face. For as long as I can remember I was in love with the thought of being a gypsy. Of travelling and telling fortunes and stories of my adventures.

And then I got Esmerelda slippers at six and the world was shiny and new…

So I took a seat by hers in front of her booth and we struck up a conversation like old chums. I told her I was in love with gypsies and before I die I am going to dance half naked around a fire with some intense eyeliner. And she laughed and asked my sign. And I told her… and her reply was, “Are you sure?” and I laughed. Sagittarius’ are supposed to be really blunt and like impulsive. And then I told her my moon was in Cancer. And she was all, “YOU KNOW ABOUT MOON SIGNS?” lol

And I asked her my a million and one questions about gypsies. Which she answered to the best of her abilities. And then I just googled them…

Here’s what I found:

Gypsies in the US

Romani Gypsies

Gypsy Genocide

Gypsy Magic

Moving on!

She asked If I had ever had my palm read, and since I hadn’t she would give me a discount because she hadn’t practiced her ‘craft’ and so I gave her my left palm. She was really adamant about that.. I tried finding out why but the internet gave me zilch.

It was really creepy. Like screenplay spooky. She told me I should be reading her palm since I had a ‘gift’ and I snickered. Gypsies are really big into Astrology (point one as to why this is my calling) She concluded my Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn placements made me a sort of an orator. And then she asked my actual day of birth and that’s a whole other can of worms were leaving tucked away … faaar away.

So she told me 3 things I will share… because I think its cool a gypsy told me this… sighh.

1. She told me I had a light… which I’ve heard that.. I don’t see it… But then again, I’m really bad about being subjective and humble at the same time

2. She told me I was going to have a great love. Like Cleopatra Mark Antony type of Epic… I hope we don’t die That we would be the other’s compliment in every aspect. (Head on Over to the post ‘Are We Compatible’ and see how we pan out (;) We’d never get married… which I think that’s going to be more of my doing. I mean when divorce rate is higher than marriage… And If I decide I’m going to be with you for the rest of my life… why risk that just for a peice of paper? Or a ring? Or a narcassict fest of a wedding ceremony? I don’t want anything that can possibly damage something that’s so important. I mean … I care about your fiber… yeahh moving on.

3. I would have a great career. And that I indirectly change the lives of the people I come into contact with. And If I learn to channel this I can make a lot of difference..

Now, all of that is really subjective, part of me is a natural born skeptic, I mean anyone could have told me that…

But there was something to it…

Anyways… she told me that Mr. 2 would have something to do with a Scorpio? Or maybe she meant me… wait… hah.. And its got my birthstone… And then she gave me my necklace… FO FREE!!!

I wonder If I will ever see her again?

Sometimes my life can be so … neat.

So I’m off to stare at this necklace like its going to give me the answers to life’s burning questions…


Meghan ❤


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