There’s A Ghost On The Horizon


… …. … 4 days and I am back to faking excitement, confinement and smoking a pack a day.

I don’t think I should be this ENTHUSED. sarcasm

That’s not entirely fair. I am slightly looking foward to some things.

… not editing.

Gosh not editing.

I love the rain. The smell, the leaves blowing, the way it sort of sucks all of the oxygen from the air and there’s this heavy stillness.

And Antony Haggarty.


I don’t think words can describe how much I want to see this man in concert. He’s so whimsical and otherworldy. I need more people like that… Something different from time to time is quite refreshing, especially if you get bored easily. See the thing about being a watcher, about observing people’s personalities. Is you find no matter how much someone shoves down your throat how unique they are… there’s someone else somewhere shockingly similar. Even me. There’s nothing original about me. I guess that’s where that whole man vs. nature thing comes in. Am I what is innately born in me? Or am I a product of what I see, hear and understand?

Tree’s. I never really cared much for them, I mean of course their beneficial and all, but,…. have you ever just stopped and really looked at a tree. …. that sounded really silly.

But truly. When you think of how old something like that is. I mean, trees have been around decades before I was even an embryo … all of the things they’ve seen, if history truly repeats itself I think it’d be really depressing. You watch the same things happening over and over again, never being able to change it. Just to watch it. But then they seem so … trusting. Just to watch the branches blowing in the wind, its like their so aware of something so much more bigger than us. And they have no cares.

It must be sort of refreshing, sort of calming. To never have a care, a stress, a worry. Because you have such concrete faith.

I really think too much.

Perception has been a big topic this week. The whole glass half full or half empty. Should you be an optimist, a realist or a pessimist? Or a bit of all? Or should it strictly depend on the situation?

There are so many grey areas. Nothing in life is ever black and white. Ever. So how can you make a clear decision on something? When do you trust a judgement when it can so easily be proved wrong?

How can you tell someone what their doing is wrong or right when your only seeing with your eyes or feeling with your emotions? When you don’t know the thought process behind that person’s actions.

It makes everything so much more… sweeter. You become so much more appreciative because of it.

I really need to stop thinking so much. I should go listen to ‘Call Me Maybe’ … properly socialize myself…

I suck at small talk. I never know what to say. I think its a product of a lot of things… but I just cant do it. Give me a specific something to speak about, or go straight for the heavy hitting and were fine. But the simple… I feel like a freak. Hell, I am a freak.

I should go spread my freakdom…. Or finish this darn book.

Fare the well my loves.



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