Jabal ash-Shaykh

Gioacchino Rossini – Stabat Mater Dolorosa


According to Wikipedia the elevation of Mount Hermon is 9,323 feet. Enough to actually feel the drag in your chest as your breathe in the air. That precious air.

Location: Mount Hermon is a mountain cluster in the Anti-Lebanon mountain range. Its summit straddles the summit between the Anti-Lebanon mountain range. At 2,814m its stands as the highest point in Syria. It occupies the buffer zone between Syria and Israeli occupied territory; the highest permanent manned UN position in the world.

References in religious texts: Gilgamesh passes near Mount Hermon in the Epic of Gilgamesh, where it was called Saria by Sumerians. In the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is the place where the Grigori (Watcher) class of fallen angels descended to Earth. They swore upon the mountain that they would take wives among the daughters of men and take mutual imprecation for their sin (Enoch 6).

All of us know the follow-up. Upon seeing the abominations the offspring caused (sexual acts, withcraft, etc), the chaos that followed…. God commanded Noah to build an arc. And after the 2by2 he flooded the Earth. Washed away it all.




Can you just imagine, given everything that’s going on in Syria and Damascus.


To stand there, on the edge of that cliff and see it all. How greatly my conception and perhaps many others would change. How badly I want to be there now. Knee bent, begging, questioning God. Why? Stop. Please! Over 200 years and nothing? Do you enjoy this? PLEASE!

And then I felt guilty for questioning him. The Almighty. This institution that my existence holds so little relevance in comparison.

And then in opposition I thought, is that wrong? To ask a question simply because I am unaware of the answer? What is good and bad in the eyes of God? One that’s coherent and non-arbitrary. I mean if you hear something and mimic it, your aware of nothing. But by challenging it in your mind, through every possible possibility you can be successful at convincing. Even if it is just yourself. You find the truth through reasoning.

(I’m The Cusp of Prophesy. We love our truth)

And I was led to the controversial dialogue of Socrates vs. Euthyphro

In short synopsis the Philosopher questions the holy man and asks him,

β€œIs the good commanded by god because it is good or is it good because it is commanded by god?”


Socrates asks for a Universal answer, what is wrong? What is right? Euthyphro then says ‘What is right is what the God’s do. In religious texts they punish the wrong and reward the right. So we mimic the Gods, and do how the God’s do.

However, the human mind is capable of finding fault in ever regime.

Socrates then responds (im ad-libbing) ‘The God’s do things that are seemingly immoral. Are we to do what they do?’

That however applies differently now. The God’s of Mt. Olympus raped and pillaged and were jealous. Yet does it not say in the Bible our God is a jealous God? Then why is jealousy so disgusting to most now? Did Jesus not question God before his death on the Cross? He flooded the Earth? Apocalypse. So should I shy away from controversial questions? Should I take an eye for an eye? Muslims kill in the sake of their Gods. So is their blood-lustful God wrong?

How can we decide what piety is right? What they believe as right? It all sounds like I’m looking for an excuse to act unruly and irresponsible. However, contrarily I prefer a good verbal battle of consuming copious amounts of drugs. I’m just naturally curious.


So ask yourself.

Does God command good because it is good. Or is it good because God has commanded it?


If you agree with Euthro: 1. Morality is created by God 2. What is right gets its righteousness from God. 3. So good is what God says it is and what is bad is what God forbids. To answer different is to QUESTION GOD’S PERFECTION

Socrates: 1. God commands good because it is good 2. Good is external to God


“Rationality is divine because Gods are rational beings”


But that would also prove ignorant of me to not consider the basis of intuition, or of empathy.

So, in all things considered. Objectively speaking. How can you decide what is morally right and wrong?

Or can you?


love ALL,

Meghan (:


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