Life Is Perception

I’m blogging from an Apple iPhone. And while I am thankful for the ability to be able to upload a post from my mobile. Part of me craves for that anticipation of a letter. I miss the old ways. It was so much more … Delicious.

Today has been a doozy, and that is certainly saying the least.

Soaking up the sun brings on really sad thoughts. And simultaneously I figured…
What makes someone happy?

Ignorance is NOT bliss

At least, not for me personally. I’m hell bent on suicide by enlightened self interest. By just, moral reason.

The last few days have really opened my eyes as to what people perceive as their happiness. But it’s all blank satisfaction. A drink here, some sex there.. And your content. But only presently. What is it in us that we truly want? Justice. Or need? Truth.

Sometimes I think I will never know what happiness is. I am temporarily subdued, but I’ve always been one that pays more mind to long term.

Should I rather be discontented and pessimistic with intellectual knowledge or ignorantly grazing in my own blank source of happiness?
You’ll find those who think more than they breathe are never permanently happy.

When you ingest the world, you take with it everything that slaves us as people. And when you reason the reasons behind this… Its like it knocks the wind from you.

So then how can I keep optimistic? When rationally speaking the entire basis of optimism is false? When you are gifted with realistic fore sight, when the world acts always in circumlocution it would be naive and foolish of me to base my beliefs on false hopes…

Life is always perception they say.

Maybe im just a stubborn masochistic cynic… But at least I refuse to be manipulated by my emotions, my desires, my societies false sense of happiness. The un examined life is a life without dignity, it’s no life worth living.


I’ve been being stalked by a mass herd of butterflies on this campus. However some may think this as a good omen.

I miss the damnation of verbal arguments, pushing the buttons of someone else and them pushing mine In return.

You learn so much about yourself when the basis of your existence, the external and internal makings of yourself is questioned.

Of maybe I should just pour all of my thoughts into this book. And unapologetically tell the world to shove it. With no lubricant.

I’m done. It’s far too early to tell an animal their lack of thoughts, of the pursuit of intellectual morality makes them animals

Oops. Just did.

Love ALL

And I mean that. A differing in views should never cause you to turn from your neighbor.

Meghan (:


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