Damn the Damage

This week I’ve learned something seriously detrimental to my health.

My personality type. I’ve always been the person that says no. I’m the wind. I am too large to be categorized.

Not anymore

I’m not sure what’s changed? I’ve been around so many snake personalities I’m constantly on the defensive. It’s like I’m falling deeper into this hole and the person that’s being projected isn’t myself. I need to take time to myself. I need to find what makes me believe again, hope and want to live.

I’ve gotten sick of this mundane life. Im so sick of just existing.

I’ve given up on the institution of love

I’ve given up on the basis of trust

And I’m done believing in friends

I can’t look people In the eyes anymore without screaming at them…. Maybe I’m too high strung?

I think I look too objectively, I think I’m too serious and I see through people far too much.

I need to be shipped off somewhere. It’s like I hurt people without even trying, by breathing.

I miss sincerity.

I can see now how people become dependent on things. That feeing of security of false stability.

I have masochist in my veins

It’s scary looking in the mirror and knowing you are capable of great good or the most frightening evil ever

Mary or Jezebel?

And how do I separate my feelings and society from deciding that?

Where am I? What is this life? What is going on?

Pray for Cairo

Shits getting real



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