I have never considered a differing in opinion, faith and value as reason to turn from a friend.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

But then again. I used to believe in many things I don’t even pay heed to now. But I s’pose it can be said of any philosopher or intellectual their philosophies depends on their mood that given day.

My mother said something to me today. With a strange face, apparently they are her use of ‘figurative expression’. She told me I had a beautiful soul. And It literally rocked my world.

I take myself for what I am. I am flaws, blemish, distrustful,  I’m moody, I’m Jezebel. Strange when someone tells you your actually Mary.

Just when I was doing a good job at pushing myself from the world. To alienate myself. And then I realized…

I could never. We are all One. And that is the beauty of it all. If my ‘soul’ can ever find peace, trust in something. Its just that.

We are both Subjects. And Objects.

Our ‘spirit’ is no more than self thinking thought.

And I suppose for me it can be said that reflection, contemplation. Its when the spirit comes to know itself. When I become self conscious. Self aware.

When I realize Nature. The most basic and absolute of all things is what bred and what’s aboriginal to my humanity. To all of ours.

Through that contentedness of all that is alive. The purpose of life is to elevate. To use knowledge not to hinder us or alienate us but to keep from repeating our mistakes.

And when I alienate myself from this nature this one-ness with greed, and ego and manipulation i fail

What is real is rational. Nature’s task, my task is to demonstrate the rationality of life, of exitence. To prove myself as more than a number.

And yet I got so lost when In exact the answer was the person right beside me. That person, that Object is what makes me the Subject real. Alive. That nature. That understanding of how my place corresponds to their own, and theirs to mine.

Yet we tend to think of this Nature of collectivism so apathetically?

Understanding nature, self consciousness brings truth. When we choose to act against it, for our own selves it brings despair.

We’ve alienated consciousness from ourselves.

When we don’t understand something our first response is to use senses. For those who intellectualize we use science, mathematics. Something emperical. But that’s only partially true.

When we rely on our senses only, however traditional that may be, we fail to reason the dialectic

Yet with science the only focus is the overcritical of whats given, not the abstract

The point being. Otherness, this refusal to be one with oneself, with nature, with Another demonstrates a neglect for our own well being.

We should have reverence in everything that exists, because it in turn, makes our own existence real.

We are all crystallized in this state of organic, or pureness. We were made not for ourselves, not only as a Subject. But an Object. Only in our own self awareness do we make another real.

And that’s just beautiful.

So I guess the point is. I can never say I don’t love. Want love or intellectualize love. Love is like a freedom. No one can free something from itself. One can’t truly be free until recognized as a individual. We do that through our connected self conscious.

Let’s make ourselves whole. Let’s make another whole. It isn’t hard, its our first and most dire purpose.

Spread. Hope.


Meghan ❤


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