Each year seems to have a theme for me, which in retrospect is why I never make resolutions.

2011 was the year of expansion, of letting myself be happy and laugh and not let pessimism or guilt taint any of it.

2012. was my experimental year. It’s that typical ‘i’m young, im alive and im restless and Im going to do bad things because I can use age as an excuse’ I didn’t have a care in the world. For once I didn’t live for the future, I lived for that moment. Because I knew It’d never get another. I became a character ive read about so many times. And I craved the novelty. Fell in love with it completely. But of course everything comes with a price.

Mine was my soul.

2013 is the year of growth. Of coming into my own. Finally making my own decisions, growing as an adult. And putting all of the childish things away.

And Im looking foward to it, its going to be a tough year. It’s going to kick my ass completely, but I know its nothing I can’t handle.
Finally spoke up for myself
Accepting no less than what I deserve from anyone
Finally taken responsibility for the things I have done

I’m finally hopeful and excited about my future. It’s a new life. I’m a new me.

And for once I’m happy with her.


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