Guys. I haven’t posted the infamous playlist in a while. This ain’t good homie. Hah.

This is going to be really short and quick (thats what she said). I’ve got to meet some people.. like now. Two things you can always be sure about me.
1. I will most likely never be on time to anything that isn’t formal or work related
2. I should not have had this much vodka before trying to drive.
Yes, that is a reoccurring statement in my life. TEHE.
Seriously. Where’s a club around this place? I feel the need to shake my ass against this cutie.
Anyways. Enjoy.

1. Frank Ocean. Super Rich Kids/ Pink Matter
2. Eve feat Juicy J & Pusha T. She Bad Bad
3. Lil Wayne. Back To You
4. Travis Scott. Upper Echelon
5. The Weeknd. The Birds Pt 1
6. Juicy J. A Zip And A Double Cup Remix (Oh this brings back good times)
7. The Beatles. Within You Without You
8. The Civil Wars. The One That Got Away
9. Juicy J. Codeine Cups
10. Project Pat. Twerk
11. Sterling Sims. Tell Her Again
12. Led Zeppelin. Babe Im Gonna Leave You
13. Aerosmith. Dream On

14. Robin Thicke. Good Girl

Tah tah


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