But Were The Greatest; They’ll Hang Us In The Back Of The Lourve.

Ya know, ..... its strange how much I wish to be alone when I'm around people. And as soon as I'm alone I crave the salvation from my thoughts. Will I forever be such an oxymoron? This paradoxical being? I cant even make myself happy half of the time, why would I put the weight... Continue Reading →


Rose Gold & Pink Champagne

HELLO MY FREAKY DARLINGS!!! It's been five years. FIVE YEARS since I have seen my written my life and its insane happenings on this website. Since my UNA days to be exact. Where all the crazy began... Bruh, I told you all I am the K I N G of procrastination. I take it seriously.... Continue Reading →


I'm so addicted. I'm sorry, I can't help it. I have a serious affinity to anything unknown. Aliens, UFOs, Astrology, Mythology. I'm that weird kid. It's cool. Judge. Haters gon HATE.  You know I don't see why people dump on cat ladies? I mean my neighboor is one. I visit her almost everyday and she's... Continue Reading →

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