Vote? No thank you.

So we've got less than 3 months until the 2012 Presidential Election (November 6, 2012 for those who need an exact date) And I've been getting the 'Who Are You Voting For' questions.. I literally cannot watch a news channel without some candidate making an idiot of themselves or some news correspondent pushing their biased... Continue Reading →


Fly Me To The Moon

Motives. It seems as if everyone has these. Hidden agendas concealed behind red lipstick. They say that behind ever good girl there's a bad one waiting to explode...... I think I have a beast. Does anyone else have to like ... talk themselves out of doing things they know they shouldn't? Because I seriously just... Continue Reading →

Close your eyes. Open your mind.

Soundtracking: Shearwater. Run The Banner Down Sunday, July 22 Three thoughts passed through my head simultaneously, and it literally shocked me to my core. I am usually VERY in control of what passes through my head... and for the first time in a while I wasn't. It makes me anxious and uncomfortable. Sometimes I wish... Continue Reading →

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